We pride ourselves on excellent customer services and level of professionalism and we thank every one of our 5* star reviews. We value them greatly and appreciate the help they have given us to broaden, grow and help others.

Any type of vehicle, not matter big or small, whether it lives on land or water, we are here to help you rejuvenate performance and regain your engines efficiency. We care about your vehicle’s wellbeing and we want to help you save money and reduce your emissions to help our environment.

We will continue to give the best service possible for all our customers who have an Engine Carbon Detox service.

‘Excellent service, arrived promptly and really friendly guy. Performed service on 2 cars for us, a 320d BMW and a 335i BMW. The 320d has so far stopped smoking and seems keener to boost, the 335i is definitely idling smoother, and seems to be digging deeper for torque. So far very impressed’ – Ian Pearman.

‘I had my car done today by Ashley. Very friendly young man who explained the whole process and how it works. I too was sceptical at first but having met and spoken with Ashley I was reassured. The results were amazing. My car felt so different. Smoother quite faster. More powerful. I would recommend this service to anyone. Thanks Ashley’ - Shokeer Hussain

‘Had these guys out for my 911 last week that was a touch smokey on start up. No more smoke and the car now pulls like a steam train through whole rev range’ - Joe Tuerena

‘Just had my Volvo V50 carbon cleaned and its absolutely fantastic. Throttle response is electric and the acceleration is awesome. Totally professional job and really nice guy. Id highly recommend to any of my clients, friends & family. Top job’– Ryan J.Ayles