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If you want to improve the fuel economy of your car, whilst increasing the torque, then a remapping service is the perfect option for you. Engine Carbon Detox offers award-winning car remapping which safeguards the components of your vehicle and fine-tunes it for performance gains. By taking proactive steps to maintain your car, you can get the most out of your vehicle, reduce your carbon footprint and gain a more powerful car for your money. Mobile remapping can be carried out by our specialist team of engineers at Engine Carbon Detox. We treat each vehicle on an individual basis, bearing in mind the unique nature of the components and their history. Your car will be in safe hands when you opt for ECD’s car remapping services. 

What is Remapping? 

Car remapping involves making tweaks to a vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit, or ECU to override the original factory settings. The ECU is set to limit the potential of a car, so by opting for a remapping service, you’re choosing to maximise the performance of your vehicle. Remapping is a quick and cost-effective way to achieve the car that you want to drive. So long as you opt for professional mobile remapping professionals like ECD, then you’ll notice a radical improvement in your vehicle the next time you drive. 

Main Benefits of Remapping 

The main advantages with remapping are associated with power and performance – namely, you’ll get more car for your money. However, if you use the accelerator with care, you’ll also notice a significant increase in fuel economy as the mpg improves, thus limiting the impact of your carbon footprint on the environment. 

Remapping also creates a better throttle response, due to the increase in torque. As you’ll need less throttle to get going, this, therefore, has a positive impact on the mpg. Less torque also means that you’ll feel that the car is a smoother drive. If you do need to tow another vehicle, for example, a caravan, then the advanced torque and power will ensure that your car isn’t working so hard to do so. 

Car Remapping Service 

Engine Carbon Detox will provide you with an expert engineer with extensive experience in car remapping. We always take additional care in tailoring remaps for our vehicles, so as not to put the engine or other vehicle components at risk. Trialling and testing are both at the core of our approach to car remapping. We understand that each vehicle we work on is entirely unique, and must be treated as such. Our work begins by running full engine diagnostics, then tweaking the tune of the original ECU to find and adjust those all-important performance increases. Each remap we supply is tested extensively on our rolling road facility. We will also provide customers with a BHP and torque graph which should be kept alongside the service history of your vehicle. 

Working With Mobile Remapping Specialists

Remapping involves fine-tuning your vehicle based on its unique history and components. This is an advanced procedure which should only be handled by expert engineers at Engine Carbon Detox. Our mobile remapping service has achieved the Queen’s Award for Innovation which is testament to the calibre of our professional abilities. However, as a small family-run operation, Engine Carbon Detox also puts customer service at the heart of the business which has been key to developing a strong relationship with each client in our loyal customer base. The combination of our remapping skills and our reliable, professional manner has led to enviable reviews and feedback, as seen on our Facebook page. Mobile remapping is a complex service and should only be handled by expert engineers – we are fully insured and qualified in this skill. 

Local Remapping Essex Professionals 

Brentwood is home to our Engine Carbon Detox base of remapping Essex engineers. However, our team of experts travel out to Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Kent and London, as well as covering all parts of Essex. This ensures that those from further afield are able to enjoy the award-winning car remapping service provided by our remapping Essex team. 

Our service focuses on providing maximum convenience for our customers, which is why we work 6 days a week and are always happy to travel to your home or place of work. Customers find this flexibility to be extremely handy when trying to fit a remapping appointment in with the rest of their busy day. When you call to make an appointment, our engineers will try to fit you in as soon as possible. 

Cost Benefits of our Remapping Service 

By committing to remapping, you’ll find that you achieve better running costs for your vehicle in the long-term. The aim of mobile remapping is to achieve better fuel economy, which is important when you look at the typically increasing costs of fuel in the market. Each piece of fine-tuning carried out during a remapping service could help to save you money, which is why this practice is so worthwhile. 

The cost of our remapping service will depend on the model of car that you’re running. When you receive a FREE quote from Engine Carbon Detox, you’ll find us to be an affordable and reliable option in comparison to our competitors. We also offer a 30 day, no quibble, guarantee where we’ll give you your money back if you’re not entirely satisfied with the work. 

In the event that an ECD technician advises against a remap, due to the general condition of the vehicle, then a disclaimer would need to be signed by the customer before work commences. 

If you want to make a positive impact on the environment by increasing the fuel economy of your car, then it’s time to get in touch with Engine Carbon Detox. After taking some contact details and basic information about the model and history of your vehicle, we’ll book you in for a remapping appointment at a time and location most convenient for you. Contact Engine Carbon Detox today for a FREE, no-obligation quote. 

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