Remapping your vehicle can transform your engine tailored to your needs! Whether it is to release the capabilities of your engine to increase horsepower and torque or to tune the engine to release the power in the lower revs to increase fuel economy and become eco-friendlier, we can do it!

We supply fully insured and guaranteed remaps to private owned vehicles, fleets of cars or commercial vehicles! There are no limitations to our service.

ECD is partnered with a UK leading remapping and tuning business with a high reputation for safety and reliability. Clients such as the emergency services and BT are amongst many who see the benefits us using only the most highly trained and skilled tuners to enhance engine performance.

Within just a couple of hours, Engine Carbon Detox can transform the temperament of your engine with a uniquely tailored tune up of the ECU to satisfy your needs.

We provide a 30-day money back guarantee on any remap so even if it isn’t to your liking straight away, we are here for support to make sure we get it right and keep you happy!

Dependent on the size of the vehicle, engine, fuel type and age, Engine Carbon Detox supply you with the safest and most reliable remapping service tailored to your needs.

Additional Remap Services

DPF Delete
EGR Delete
Electronic Speed limiter removal or add on
Rev Limiter installation
Launch Control install
Swirl Flap Delete
OEM Reflash (Factory Settings)

Performance Remap

performance remap

Blend Remap

blend remap

Economy Remap

economy remap

Queens Award

economy remap

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