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BHP Gains

Improve Fuel Economy

Torque Increase

Sharpen Throttle Response

Rev Limiters

Speed Limit Removal

Why usE Engine Carbon Detox?

ECD supplies an award-winning remapping service. Our service has been recognised and awarded with the Queens Award. At ECD Remapping, we are extremely aware of component reliability. We take extra care in writing our tailored remaps for vehicles to ensure that vehicle components will not be at risk. We are fully insured and fully qualified in Mobile Engine Remapping.

Performance Gains

Our award winning remaps come with extensive trials and testing. Every vehicle is unique and we understand that so we custom tune every remap specific to the vehicle being worked on and can tune to your needs. All remaps supplied have been tested on our rolling road facility. We run a full engine diagnosis on the vehicle before any work is carried out. We then modify the tune of the original software and make performance increases where applicable specific to the vehicles. We can produce a graph of a BHP and Torque on the vehicle to be kept with the history of the vehicle.  

Economy Gains

Fuel prices are going through the roof at the moment so ECD are here to help and tune your vehicle to eco requirements. Our award winning remaps can achieve both increased fuel economy and an increase in torque. An increase in torque means less need for throttle and in turn fuel economy savings are made.

We can produce a graph of a BHP and Torque on the vehicle to be kept with the history of the vehicle.  


ECD can guarantee your satisfaction and offer a 30-day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied with the results.


ECD understands that not all vehicles have been looked after as well as they should have. Therefore, in the instant where the customer instructs our technician to proceed with the remap against the advice of our technician, a disclaimer would need to be signed.


A standalone hand-held tuning programming system which gives you the ultimate flexibility to tune your car yourself when you like.

You can now tune your own your own vehicle in the comfort of your own home. You can tune till your heart is content to switch between the unique performance tune written by us for your car and the original file.

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Mobile Engine Remapping in Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent & London

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