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Mobile DPF Cleaning

Restore DPF Back To Original State

DPF Removed & Cleaned Professionally

Guarantee To Achieve 0g of Soot Content in DPF’s

Prevents DPF Replacement

Same Day Service Available

ECD provide a professional mobile DPF cleaning service which we guarantee will remove all soot content from your diesel particulate filter. Removing DPF’s to clean them is the ONLY method with 100% proven track record to cure DPF blockages.
At ECD, we pride ourselves on providing all solutions to help repair DPF’s as well.  

Pure Hydrogen Cell

Our easy to fit, robust and advanced Hydrogen cell unit will increase the combustion of the fuel to 99%-100%. The unit comes full of liquid which lasts around 6000-8000 miles between top ups. We offer a no quibble 3-year warranty with every installation plus yearly servicing on the unit. We can fit the unit completely mobile at your convenience 6 days a week.

DPF Cleaning
£250 - £500
Dependant on vehicle
£1,000 - £4,000
Dependant on vehicle

Which one would you rather?

Hydrogen Cell Installation

Once a DPF has been cleaned, ultimately it will slowly block up again unless the vehicle is taken on regular motorway runs to enable a DPF Regeneration. We have tested our unit on a multitude of licenced minicab vehicles over a 3-month period. Very simply, across the three-month period the DPF’s have no regenerated once. The reason for this is that the soot content of the DPF is not increasing.

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Mobile DFP Cleaning in Essex, Hertfordshire, London & Kent

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