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Alpine Taxis LTD – www.alpine-taxis.com

Alpine Taxis are an established private care hire business with more than 20 years experience in the industry!

Peter Richmond of Alpine Taxis has recently invested massive interest in our services. Peter has decided to take a stand and tackle the ever-growing problem of air quality in his community head on by researching into emissions saving solutions to ultimately help to make a change.
Alpine Taxis (like Engine Carbon Detox) has been awarded Locase (Low Carbon Across The South East) accreditation and has come to Engine Carbon Detox for emissions saving solutions to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Locase is a government funded organisation who can offer funding to a business providing they demonstrate emissions saving solutions within Essex, Kent and East Sussex. To find out more about Locase, click here.

Peter and Alpine Taxis evidently has decided it is time to make a change for the better by…. Going Green! Making a difference and becoming more ‘Eco-Friendly’ is ultimately the aim for Alpine Taxis. This has lead to an invested interest into our Pure Hydrogen Cell technology which is targeted to reduce emissions by up to 80%.

Going ‘Green’ is ultimately the aim for Engine Carbon Detox and Alpine Taxis. However, bigger pain points relating to engine component failure are a much larger driver for businesses and individuals with modern diesel engines to look into solutions like ours.
DPF’s (Diesel Particulate Filters) are a common victim of carbon build up. Fundamentally, the inherent design of this component is flawed… massively. The functionality of a DPF is to prevent particulate matter from entering our air. Great, and it does the job… to an extent.

However, over time the DPF becomes very full and requires what is commonly known as a DPF regeneration to burn away the carbon… which then goes into our air anyway..?
Anyway, these regeneration’s are very unreliable. FACT. If this is the case, which most of the time it is; The solution is to literally fork out thousands on a replacement and fitting. Great, job done! However… only for the DPF to get blocked again within 6 months because the engine is still producing a lot of carbon particulate matter.
Additionally, MOT Laws state that removal of the DPF with lead to a failed MOT. So that’s not an option either.

So….. A SOLUTION!! – We’ve been fitting units to Alpine Taxi vehicles every week. The reason being is that we have proven that the DPF’s are not regenerating. They work fine… but they do not need to regenerate because the soot content does not warrant a regeneration! This alone can literally save a business thousands, plus they’re then an advocate for going Green!

Alpine Taxis and Engine Carbon Detox are working together to make a change to air quality. Together, we will be at a conference on Thursday 15th March on emissions reductions. To bag yourself a spot, please book on here. Also, please click on this link to read more about Alpine Taxis story.

For more info on our revolutionary Pure Hydrogen system, please contact us direct on 01245200385.
Alternatively, fill out our contact form and we will endeavour to get back to you.

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