At Engine Carbon Detox, we care about keeping your engine working as efficiently and as clean as possible. So, we have devised Hydrogen-on-Demand.

The Engine Carbon Detox Hydrogen-on-Demand system is one of the greatest steps forward in Hydrogen Technology aiming to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

The ECD Hydrogen-on-Demand cell is designed to improve and optimise the fuel burning process in diesel, petrol and LPG internal combustion engines, increasing fuel economy and reducing exhaust emissions.

Our Hydrogen-on-Demand system reduces the harmful pollution (carbon particulate and noxious gases) being emitted from your engine, helping clean up the air around us, as well improving your engines performance, efficiency and prolonging the life of engine components.

The system itself is installed in the engine bay of your vehicle and is attached directly to the air intake. The electronic management system switches the cell on and off with the battery so there is no Hydrogen stored in the cell or the engine, it is purely ‘on demand’.

Using the same technology as our Lean Green engine machines for the detoxing, the Pure Hydrogen gas is used to enrich the fuel and create a better combustion within in the chamber resulting in a complete burn of fuel and carbon deposits elimination.

Our Hydrogen-on-demand system can be fitted to any make, shape or size or vehicle plus, it is a completely interchangeable component so it can literally be taken off one vehicle and fitted to another within 20 mins. Engine Carbon Detox has the resources to fit our revolutionary Hydrogen-on-Demand system to cars, vans, trucks and more. Whether the vehicle is privately owned or a fleet of vehicles, we can help you.

This is the only Pure Hydrogen-on-demand cell available on the market. It produces no oxygen issues unlike other components on the market (HHO/Hydroxy gas systems available on the market).

Our Pure Hydrogen cell is an approved patented product with CE Certification and Product Liability Insurance underwritten by our insurers.

So, you want to start saving money on fuel? Contact us today! We will help you.

Benefits of Pure Hydrogen-On-Demand Cell –

Rejuvenated power
Reduced emissions (radically)
Increased fuel efficiency (10%-40%)
Prevent maintenance costs/Prolongs life of engine components
Smoother and quieter engine
Keeps DPF's clean

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