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Hydrogen-On-Demand Systems

Reduce emissions by up to 80%

Increase MPG by up to 30%

Keeps DPF’s clean

No more EGR issues

Smoother engine

Prevent major mechanical issues

Cleaner air

We only have to switch the television on nowadays to be peppered with more emissions related news. Mostly to do with Capital cities taking a stand against poor air quality and making changes. Well, here we are joining them all with our product to battle air quality head on.

Understand why emissions from vehicles are being scrutinised?

Vehicle emissions, diesels mainly produce very high levels of toxic gases which are extremely harmful to us as humans. Any reduction in carbon emissions output is welcomed so here we are taking a stand.

Vehicle emissions get worse over time because carbon particles build up in the engines. Carbon is produced from a lack of complete combustion of all the fuel injected into the engines. Engines only successfully burn 90-95% of all fuel. What happens to the rest? The leftover half burnt fuel becomes carbon and sticks to component within your engine and causes engine performance, efficiency and emissions to decrease dramatically.

So, what if we could increase fuel combustion to 99%-100%? That would be great wouldn’t it?

This is where our flagship Pure Hydrogen Cell comes in.

Pure Hydrogen Cell

Our easy to fit, robust and advanced Hydrogen cell unit will increase the combustion of the fuel to 99%-100%. The unit comes full of liquid which lasts around 6000-8000 miles between top ups. We offer a no quibble 3-year warranty with every installation plus yearly servicing on the unit. We can fit the unit completely mobile at the convenience 6 days a week.

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