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Are you experiencing a delayed throttle response, black smoke from the exhaust when you accelerate, or perhaps poor fuel economy? It sounds like your vehicle could benefit from DPF cleaning to be carried out by your local DPF specialist, Engine Carbon Detox.  The diesel particulate filters within your diesel car must be maintained to get the most out of your vehicle. Failure to look after the DPF can cause extensive problems with the emission levels of your car. By investing in DPF filter cleaning, you’re taking a proactive step towards prolonging the life of your vehicle, whilst being a responsible owner. 

Why Invest in DPF Filter Cleaning? 

Diesel particulate filters act to trap and store the soot that is expelled from your exhaust. The aim of doing so is to reduce the overall volume of carbon emissions from diesel vehicles. Over time, the amount of trapped soot builds up which can cause problems for the efficiency of your vehicle. You might see plumes of black smoke coming out of your exhaust, especially when you’re accelerating. When your diesel particulate filter is full, it will need to be regenerated or cleaned. 

The Mobile DPF Cleaning Process 

The professional mobile DPF cleaning service delivered by Engine Carbon Detox restores your diesel particulate filter back to its original condition. This strategy is proven to be 100% successful at removing DPF blockages. We guarantee that our service will remove the entire volume of soot from your filter, taking it down to a rock bottom 0g. 

We use a hydrogen cell unit which offers ease of installation. The benefit of the unit is that it boosts the consumption of fuel in excess of 99% and will last for up to 8,000 miles between services. Vehicle owners must commit to going for regular motorway runs to assist in DPF regeneration. Without taking this step, the blockage within your diesel particulate filter will slowly build up again. 

Passive and Active Regeneration 

When you allow your car to run on motorways, this forces the exhaust temperature to increase, thereby burning off the excess soot in your diesel particulate filter in a process known as passive regeneration. Regular journeys at 60-70mph for more than 30 minutes at a time, help to maintain the filter. However, many vehicle owners don’t drive in this manner. Those who require their diesel cars for shorter, slower journeys around town will notice a build-up of soot. 

Where passive regeneration isn’t possible, your diesel vehicle will instead switch to active regeneration. This process relies on the use of additional fuel when your DPF reaches almost half of its limit. Active regeneration forces the temperature of the exhaust to raise, thus burning off the trapped soot within the filter. Active regeneration suffers from problems if the journey time is too brief and the regeneration cycle does not fully complete. In this case, you may notice signs such as an odour emitted from the exhaust, an increase in fuel consumption, a warning light on your dashboard or cooling fans running. You may also experience the deactivation of your automatic Stop/Start feature.  

Choosing An Experienced DPF Specialist 

DPF cleaning is an advanced procedure which should only be carried out by a specialist with plenty of experience in this area. Engine Carbon Detox is the perfect company to handle your DPF removal. As a family run business, with years of experience under our belt, we have amassed a fantastic reputation in the local area. This is proven by our tremendously flattering feedback, as seen on platforms such as Facebook. Our reputation as leading DPF removal experts has been forged following many years in the industry. We pride ourselves on supplying a professional and reliable service in every DPF regeneration job we take on. 

Local Mobile DPF Cleaning 

Engine Carbon Detox is based in Brentwood, Essex but our friendly and knowledgable team of professionals travel far and wide to provide DPF cleaning services for those in need. We are happy to dispatch our experienced engineers to all parts of Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Kent and Greater London and are proud to have accumulated loyal customers from each of these areas. We can travel to your home or workplace 6 days a week to suit your requirements, which makes ECD the most flexible and convenient DPF cleaning provider to book your appointment with. Engine Carbon Detox also offers a same day service if you’re in need of an urgent appointment. Our engineers will do everything we can to carry out your mobile DPF cleaning as soon as possible to fit around your schedule. 

Affordable and Reliable DPF Filter Cleaning 

At Engine Carbon Detox, we pride ourselves on providing an affordable and reliable DPF removal service for all of our customers. The handy nature of our mobile services ensures that your DPF regeneration appointment will slot easily into your working day. Not only is our service fee an affordable alternative to our competitors, but you’ll also feel the financial benefits of DPF removal in the long-term too. If you don’t invest in DPF cleaning, then the likelihood is that at some point you’ll need to purchase a new DPF instead. Looking at the cost comparisons, if you opt for DPF filter cleaning, this service is in the region of £200 to £500. In contrast, a new DPF would set you back £1,000 to £4,000 depending on the vehicle. Therefore, it’s easy to see why mobile DPF cleaning is such a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new unit. Our package also includes a 3 year, no quibble warranty plus an annual service. 

If you’ve noticed some of the tell-tale signs that your diesel particulate filter needs cleaning, including a warning light on your dashboard, then it’s time to get in touch with Engine Carbon Detox. We’ll take some basic details from you and book you in for an appointment at a time and location which is most convenient for you. Get in touch with Engine Carbon Detox today for a FREE, no obligation quote.  

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