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Engine Carbon Detox is a family run business which supplies an array of services which target the rejuvenation of performance and efficiency of your engine. We have a lot of experience helping keep your engines running as economically and efficiently as possible.

We specialise in Engine Carbon Detoxing on any vehicle no matter the size or age. We supply and fit Hydrogen cells to all makes, shapes and sizes of vehicles. We supply a fully accredited, guaranteed and insured remapping service to all makes, shapes and sizes of vehicles. We also can supply and fit upgraded performance turbo chargers and full exhaust systems.

We have an outstanding reputation (check out our reviews on our Facebook page) for which we pride ourselves on supplying a friendly, professional and reliable service.

We launched the business from Brentwood in Essex aiming to supply an affordable solution for those who are experiencing poor running issues of their vehicles.

Since then, our brand has broadened through recommendations and we now supply Hydrogen Cell Installations to vehicles to increase their fuel efficiency by up to 50% and reduce their emissions to radically decrease the toxic and harmful gases which in turn make the engines greener. Additionally, we supply ECU Remaps for vehicles from the year 2000 or any size engine or vehicle for the purpose of increasing horse power, torque and fuel economy. We use the same remapping software supplied to the emergency services, BT vans and more.

Although being based in Brentwood, we have engineers covering all of Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Kent, London so we can come straight to you whether you’re at work or home.

ECD have supplied our very reliable and competitive services to individual and personal owned vehicles as well as commercial businesses and fleets of vehicles and will carry on doing so!

Why Use Us

Engine Carbon Detox has learnt first-hand how bad carbon build up can be to an engine and we know how vital annual Carbon detox servicing can be to an engine to ensure the best efficiency, power output and to eliminate the chance of engine components failing which can mean hefty maintenance bills!

We also understand that for YOU petrol heads out there, you have a need for speed! This observation led us into the world of remapping and tuning. ECD is partnered with one of UK’s leading remapping and tuning businesses and we now provide a fully insured and guaranteed remapping service to increase the power or economy or your engine, or both depending on what you like.

We are fully trained and professional engineers who will go to great lengths to ensure the optimum performance and reliability of your vehicle.

We know how important your vehicle is to you, whether you use to get to work, use it for work or just at the weekends, we are here to help you with a friendly mobile and reliable service to keep your engine running as sweet as possible.

We are highly trained professional engineers who are experts in engine maintenance and efficiency. Carbon build within in an engine will lead to deterioration of engine component efficiency. This can lead to complete malfunction with catastrophic results. We care about the lifetime of your engine and want to ensure it doesn’t let you down.

Signs that your vehicle requires an Engine Carbon Detox:

  • Delayed throttle response
  • Lack of power
  • Reduced acceleration
  • Noisy engine
  • Loud engine vibrations
  • Rough idling
  • Smokey exhaust
  • DPF warning lights
  • EGR warning lights
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Very high on emissions

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then YOU NEED OUR HELP! Your vehicle is in need of a Carbon Detox, and who better to come to than Engine Carbon Detox. We provide a fully insured, professional and reliable service who come straight to you at home or work!

With just a 30-45-minute Engine Carbon Detox, we can rejuvenate the performance and efficiency of your engine so it feels brand new with the possibility of component failure eliminated.

Don’t take it from us, read our testimonials page for real life feedback.

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